Happy New Year!

With slightly more than a day to go of the old year here in Seattle, Washington, I start to think about what this year has meant, and what I would like from the new year.

To start with what we have, or this past year, it was not the year of the biggest change for me. I am still at the same company with more or less the same job, albeit with a new job title. I live in the Sam place and am still thankfully married to my wonderful wife. I have lost between 15 and 29 pounds of weight by just modifying my eating habits. I have become an American citizen, and got to vote in my first election. Towards the end of the year my family have increased with one more dog.

As for the new year, what I wish for myself is more focus. I am already spending my time a bit more wisely, but want to get better. I want to spend more time on my passions, and less time on recovering. I find that if you let life get filled with tasks and items you are not passionate about, it drains you, and you have to spend time recuperating. Focusing on tasks you like leave you energized instead of tired.

For you, I hope that 2013 will be your best year yet. With the Mayan “apocalypse” behind us we have chances of making new and better choices. The age of Aquarius?




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On my way to dinner with my wife. Nice!


Happy New Year! May 2010 be your best year yet!


Enjoy the holiday season. Regardless of which holiday you celebrate, make it a good and cheerful one!


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